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SINCE 1998





We offer High Precision Machining with a wide range of CNC machines (Lathes, Horizontal Mills, Vertical Mills, WaterJet, EDM, Swiss/small part machines). We are very versatile and can machine complete 98% of machined parts out there. We offer engineering/designing services, and complete automated machine building from design stages to finished/functioning machines. We have a full fab shop (welders, bend, paint, or powder coating).



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garage door safety arms


  • Safety arms can be manufactured to custom heights. The standard height is 10’. 

  • Easy installation

  • Installation is available upon request. Garage door frame will need to be reviewed before installation cost can be determined.



A customer had a safety issue with a garage door. One of their heavy overhead garage doors fell about 4 feet. Luckily, it jammed in the track and stopped before falling all the way to the concrete floor. If it did not stop and someone was under the door they would have been seriously injured or maybe even resulted in death. A 2007 NEISS Hospital Study found the more than 13,000 people suffer injuries as a result of a garage door accident every year, and this estimate adjusted for present-day produces a figure at or around 20,000 injuries per year.


In an effort to prevent the occurrence of a garage door failure and/or injury, a number of safety devices currently exist today for garage door applications. (e.g., infrared red safety device).  However, these types of safety devices are fully dependent on the existing means to raise/lower the garage door. In event of a failure in one of the means (e.g. a component, motor, cable, spring, etc.), the infrared safety devices are not able to physically prevent the garage door from quickly falling, thereby doing nothing to mitigate or prevent sever injury or damage to an individual or object positioned beneath the door when it falls.


There exist a long-felt need for an improved Garage Door Safety Device the prevents a garage door from falling and that is capable of physically stopping the garage door form continuing to fall once said garage door has failed. The Garage Door Safety Device will stop the door from falling, is easily installed, will extend/retract quickly and will indicate to the operator when the safety arms are properly in place or not with indicator lights.


custom machines

We can take your needs or ideas and design any machine using 3D CAD. Some of our partners include Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, DuPont, Little Tikes, John Deere, Husqvarna and many others. Click on "LEARN MORE" to view some of our machines.


Wire EDM

Sodick ALN600GH, 23.6" x 15.7" x 19.69" Z. Also can manage long parts on the X-axis.

Untitled design (70)_edited.jpg


KMT (AKS) X3-612 waterjet with a 6' x 12' plate cutting area. Can cut up to 11" thick....any material.

nice bike rack

Nice Bike Rack is for the bed of your pickup truck when you travel or to save room and store in your garage or shed when you're not.

Smiling Portrait



I am a self-driven individual and am very motivated in everything I do. I never wanted to just machine parts, I wanted to build what the machined parts went into. After serving an apprenticeship with the Timken company I pursued exactly that….I took a job as a machine builder. I was a machine builder for 12 years when I was hired by a company to design and build these same type of machines….not just build them. After 5 years working for this company I decided I could do this better. So, I started Custom Engineered Machine in 1998. I have worked very hard and have put in many hours to get to where I am today. These details are mentioned above under “History of the company”.

Recently I have been working on a few inventions that are currently in the “patent pending” stage. This is what drives me now. Trying to find solutions to ongoing issues. Some of these issues are safety issues where many have been hurt or even resulted in death. 

Most of my time is thinking about new ideas and how to make things better. When not doing this I like to spend time with my wife (Jodi) and with our kids and grandkids. I like to bike ride and watch any type of sporting event….especially college football!!

Woman with Arms Crossed



Steve and I have been married since 2014. We have 4 adult children. He has a son (Aaron) and a daughter (Chelsea). And I have a daughter (Morgan) and a son (Bart). We also have 6 grandchildren that keep us busy!


I am very excited to be involved in our Company. I have extensive Customer Service experience and have worked in the Business/Manufacturing World for over 25 years. When we are not at work, we enjoy spending time with family and going on short adventure trips.


I have been married since 2011 to Christina and we have 2 kids, a daughter born in 2012 and a son born in 2015. I am a gearhead and enjoy every aspect of moving parts and engineering. I like to be challenged and to think outside the box, I become bored when not facing challenges. 

I am on a NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster team with The Michalek Brothers Racing squad based out of Columbus OH as a Head specialist on our Nitro Injected Dragster. This keeps my mind busy and constantly thinking about what we can do to be better. A lot from the machining world translates into racecar engineering and this challenge is what I love. I have been doing this for about 8 years now but have been around drag racing my whole life. We compete in about 9 races a year travelling across the country with our 1st win as car owners being at the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Charlotte 2022. Anyone that knows Nitro can understand how critical the details and in between round services are on these cars, along with how much work it takes between races to prepare for the next one.

While not doing that, I enjoy coaching our kids in various sports, camping, boating, skiing, and driving/checking out sports cars with my son Jak, the youngest gearhead in the family. We are both Carroll Shelby enthusiasts.

I started my own company in 2006 and that was my “college” to learn what it takes to grow and succeed in business. I decided that it was best for the family in 2021 to start engaging in my father’s company and to start putting my efforts into growing 1 company together, rather than having 2 and grow separately. We have since grown a lot and there aren’t any signs of stopping. I’m driven to succeed and won’t let anything stop that.


Fashion Portrait
Eyewear Fashion

jeff szink


SJK Industries Logo-01_edited.png



SINCE 1998


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